RWB has extensive knowledge of water purification technologies. Not only the theory behind it, but especially the knowledge and experience to utilize that theory in a reliably working installation. This means that we choose the application of the most optimal technology, or combination of technologies, for any issue.
Our knowledge and experience is multidisciplinary: process technology, instrumentation, management and automation make up an integral part of our thinking.
RWB has a separate technology department. This department has various tasks within our company:

  • Developing and testing new technologies
  • Conducting pilot tests for the benefit of application research and technology development
  • Supporting sales and project execution
  • Giving advice to customers and of course to potential customers
  • Placing our installations into operation. With this, the practical knowledge gained is linked directly back to design and execution.

The broad involvement of our technology department within RWB guarantees a high level of knowledge of the employees, and a continuous learning curve.

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