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Continuous Sand Filters

Moving bed (bio) filtration is a mode of filtration based upon uninterrupted filter operation. Filter media cleaning is continuously taking place while the filter is in operation and hence a 24/7 availability of the process is guaranteed.
Advantages of RWB's continous sand filters are:
  • Continuous operation without any downtime.
  • Physical-chemical and biological treatment in one process unit.
  • No washwater storage or backwash pumps are required.
  • Continuous circulation means the entire sand bed is used for the process.
  • Steel and concrete tank construction is possible.
  • Compact installation with a low footprint.
  • Low operation and maintenance costs with minimal labour.
  • In most cases no pre-treatment required.
We developed a new and improved Moving bed (bio) filter technology. Our filters may be used for a wide variety of applications, ranging from solids removal, to physical-chemical and/or biological treatment:
  • Process water / drinking water production
  • Cooling water / Side stream filtration
  • Groundwater (bio) filtration
  • Surface water (direct) filtration
  • Waste water:
    • Biological nitrification
    • Biological denitrification
    • Suspended solids (TSS) removal
    • BOD removal
    • Phosphorus removal
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