What is process water? That question cannot be answered. Heavy industry and the chemical industry, the food sector, the paper industry, energy companies – the way in which water is utilized everywhere brings a broad range of requirements along with it.
RWB has extensive knowledge and experience with the treatment technologies that can be used in order to fulfil all those requirements. Some of the many options:

  • Source water treatment: removal of iron, manganese, ammonia
  • Surface water: coagulation-flocculation, sedimentation and flotation, media filtration
  • Suspended solids filtration: with candle filters, self-rinsing filters, with continuous or discontinuous media filtration
  • Softening: entirely or partially, with ion exchange, membrane technology or pellet softening
  • Demineralization: from single-step reverse osmosis to high-pressure kettle supply water
  • Cooling water conditioning and filtration
  • Advice, basic and detail engineering

All known techniques can be applied in a customer-specific combination. That combination will preferably be built up from our standard products package in order to come up with a financially attractive solution.

Our strong point is our customer focus: delivery of a small standard unit or turn-key realization of a multi-disciplinary, large-scale project – any request can be fulfilled. The agreements with the customer over money, planning and quality are primary for us.