Professionals in drinking water

RWB provides various services to drinking water companies. This varies from ideas to concrete installations, from doing work according to specifications to the shared development and marketing of technology. If you are looking for an experienced project partner, then you have come to the right place.

RWB has (further) developed the following systems especially for drinking water companies:

  • Rinse water reuse, with ceramic microfiltration
  • Pellet softening

In addition, RWB has made a contribution to the following innovations:

  • CeraMac, a large-scale membrane filtration process with a small ‘footprint’
  • COTOO, the ‘champagne rinse’ for spiral-wound membranes

In the Netherlands, most drinking water is still made with conventional purifications such as media filtration, membrane filtration or coagulation and sedimentation. RWB also has a great deal of knowledge about and experience with these systems. You can turn to us for turn-key delivery, maintenance or advice about optimization.
We are glad that we can count most of the drinking water companies in the Netherlands among our customer base. On the left, you can find an overview of some of our projects.

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